Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beijing Day 2

June 21st
The main event for today was climbing the Great Wall of China.  It is amazing that man could construct such a massive structure.  It almost looked like a mountain!  It took 200 years to build with the purpose of keeping the Mongolians from invading China.  Natalija completely surprised us today and demonstrated a level of determination that we didn’t know she had.  Our Guide mentioned that you cannot be considered a champion or hero in Chinese culture until you have climbed the wall.  Our spunky and spirited 4 year old girl climbed the entire way up and down all by herself!  Rob kept asking if she wanted piggy-back ride but she was determined to do it “all by herself”, as many of you know that is one of her favorite phrases J.  The view is truly awe inspiring!  We are so grateful to have had this opportunity!!    

Prior to conquering the Great Wall, we were able to learn all about the significance of jade in the Chinese culture and see how it is carved.  Again everything is done by hand by very gifted artists.  We purchased jade pendant necklaces for both girls with the Chinese characters for love in the center of the jade.  Tomorrow we leave for Nanchang!  We will meet our daughter tomorrow night.  Nati will become a big sister tomorrow night.  Our family will be complete tomorrow night!!!!  We are so excited, I don’t think there will be much sleep tonight.

As a total coincidence the doctors that have cared for Lili are in the same hotel as we are and the liaison arranged for us to meet them and get first-hand information and ask questions.  Not many families get this opportunity, so we are feeling very lucky tonight! 




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