Saturday, June 7, 2014

Guangzhou Day 11

June 30th
The Main event for today was a trip to the zoo.  We thought that we would have to drive quite a distance out of the city, however, it was about a 10-15 minute drive.  With land and real estate being in such high demand, we were very surprised that it was right in the center of the city.  The zoo was pretty large and it had lots of trees and greenery.  The main draw is the pandas.  They are in an enclosed air conditioned room because they cannot tolerate the heat...very smart animals!!  It was another very hot and humid day with little breeze.  Nati really wanted balloons for herself and her sister, but they decided upon giraffe inflatables. Lili and Nati were both pleased with their blow up giraffes.   It was really nice to get into the air conditioned van!!!!  Although Lili never had air conditioning before coming to us, you could tell that she likes it.  During her naps and at night she kicks her covers off.  She fits right in with us :-)!


While the girls were playing, Jack helped us gather all of the paperwork that we will need to bring to the consulate tomorrow. 


After a lunch and a nap for Lili, we hit the pool.  Lilija is becoming much more confident and more daring in the water.  She went from being completely petrified of bath water to loving the pool!

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