Monday, June 9, 2014

Guangzhou Day 9


June 28th
After a hearty breakfast at the hotel restaurant, we met our guide Jack and another family and took a short ride to the health clinic.  The other family is from North Carolina and they have adopted a 2 year old girl with a very serious heart condition.  She is the size of a 4-6 month old and needs an oxygen mask.  Lili went through all of the examinations with ease.  She only cried during the blood draw for her TB test J.  Rob and I realized how very lucky we were to find Lilija once we saw the dire health conditions and disabilities that many of the other newly adopted kiddos were suffering from.  Jack got both of our families through all of the steps quickly and easily.  You could tell that China’s program is very established, because everything was very efficient and easy.



The weather here is tropical.  It is extremely hot and humid.  People are probably thinking…what is wrong with those foreigners who are sweating profusely!! After our morning appointment, we walked to a supermarket/mall to pick up some essentials such a milk for Lili, water and snacks.  On the way back to our hotel we picked up good old McDonalds to bring back to our room.  Lilija loves French fries and nuggets!  After lunch and a nap for Lili, we headed to the pool.  It is outdoors, unlike the pools in the other hotels.  It felt really good on such a hot day!

At dinnertime we walked over to a Mexican restaurant called Tekila, which was pretty tasty.  It was a nice change of pace because in our last hotel in Nanchang we were told not to eat outside of the hotel.  Our guide told us the food was not safe for us to eat and that the restaurants were dirty.  She told us about a family who got so sick, they needed to go to the local hospital for IV’s.  So, we followed her advice and we ate at the Chinese restaurant on the first floor of hotel almost every night.  We did try the western restaurant once- not so good and one evening Mary ordered us a Papa Johns pizza.  They delivered it to our room and Nati devoured it!!It was very good, however, we were getting tired of it. 

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