Wednesday, June 25, 2014

time for reflection

Now that my school year is done, plans for my sub are complete and the suitcases are getting packed, I am able to sit down with my own thoughts and acknowledge the emotions that have been placed at bay.  With tears in my eyes, I reflect on the years of waiting and wondering if our dream of adopting a little girl from China would ever come true.  I remember the desire to adopt started many, many years ago in my parents TV room in Marquette Park when I watched a documentary on “the lost girls of China”.  Full of indignation I thought: girls are not throw-aways, people who do not meet some perceived ideal of what is desirable or perfect should not be cast away and forgotten about.  At that moment I decided that someday I would adopt one of those girls and teach her that she is valuable and lovable.  Rob shared my dream and we embarked on this journey.  So many people tell us that Lilija is such a lucky little girl.  Actually, Rob and I are the lucky ones.  We are being blessed with the privilege of parenting both Lilija and Natalija.  Our path to parenthood has been a difficult one; one that has made us stronger and more supportive of each other.  Now, with great trepidation and anticipation, we get to embark on our journey to the other side of the world to complete our family.  We will become parents to a toddler who has never known family life.  It is mind boggling to think that when we arrive back home our lives will be entirely changed.  We ask for you to pray that our journey is safe, healthy and that Lilija is able to acclimate to her new life! 

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