Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nanchang Day 5

June 24th

Today we saw the Tongwang Pagoda.  It was quite surreal to see the modern and busy city from the terrace views of the pagoda.  It was a bit of a challenging day, Lili was pretty fussy.  We are not sure if she is getting an ear infection.  We may see the hotel doctor tomorrow if the crabbiness and ear pulling persist.   Our guide mentioned that there are three provinces in China that are known for “spicy girls” meaning stubborn and strong willed….wouldn’t you know that Jiangxi is one of them J.  Lili is very strong willed and cries as loud as she can to get her way.  I feel so sad for Natalija because anytime she goes near her or tries to interact with her, or is receiving our attention Lili pitches a huge fit!   God bless little Nati because she is really trying hard.  This rejection is so tough on her because she has been so excited to be a big sister.  Right now we are giving in to all of Lili’s demands to promote bonding and let her know that we are safe, however, something has got to give here.  I was talking to the guide about it and she said that kids will carry on and do all sorts of shenanigans to get the caretakers attention in the orphanage.  We are trying to walk the fine line of bonding and putting an end to all of this!  On another note Lili continues to eat as though she has a hollow leg.  What an appetite she has!  The orphanage staff mentioned that she was calmed with food and cake….ai ai!   She loves to eat meat and carbs but you can’t get a vegetable past her lips for anything.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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