Friday, June 13, 2014

Nanchang Day 4

June 23rd
Today was the day that all of the official adoption paperwork had to be done.  After eating breakfast (Lilija again had a great appetite and enjoyed scrambled eggs and orange slices) we met Mary and began the paperwork process.  The first stop was a government building with no air conditioning.  There was lots of paperwork and the fees were paid.  I bet it felt good to Rob, our personal bank, to get rid of the 7,000+ dollars that he had strapped to himself!  From that government building we headed to the police department for Lili to get her picture taken and some other things went so quickly that we were not given translations.  From the police department we went to the notary office.  There all of the papers were notarized.  We were asked a series of questions such as our name, age and if we “like her” and are freely choosing to adopt her.  Lilija is officially our daughter…and now there are four!!!! 

Once all of the official stuff was done Mary took us to Walmart, yes they have Walmart in China, to get some supplies and snacks for our room.  She also ordered a Pap John’s pizza for us to take back to our room for lunch.  Yes, there is Papa John’s in China and it actually tastes the same as back home.  Nati chowed down, Lili was not impressed. 

Lili is slowly learning that we are safe.  The hardest thing has been her total jealousy and rejection of Nati.  Of course Natalija is devastated.  She is trying so hard to play with her, share her toys and interact with her and Lili wants none of it.  We are slowly trying to build that relationship.  We keep telling Nati that soon enough she will be pestering her non-stop J!!

Lili and I took a 2 hour nap while Rob and Nati hung out.  After nap we went to the pool.  Lili was very nervous of being in the water but with me holding her tight, she did find the courage to splash her hands in the pool.   Once we were back upstairs the girls took their first bubble bath together.  All things considered, Lili did great.  She liked the bubbles and even tolerated sitting near Nati without pushing her or crying!  Small steps J.  Since it was raining hard, by the way it rains A LOT here, we ate at the Italian restaurant in the hotel.      It was not what we would consider as an Italian restaurant but Lili enjoyed her noodle soup (exactly like Ramen noodle soup).  She was so cute slurping up her noodles.  She has very good fine motor skills.  Teta Viki would be proud!     Lili slept like a pig again!   Nati spent the night smashed into me or on me in some way, so she slept great- mama not so much.

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