Friday, June 6, 2014

Guangzhou Day 12

Today was a big day for us.  We had an appointment at the US Consulate at 10:00 this morning.  After going through the gates and finding our way to the correct office, we joined about 8 other families.  After taking a number we went up one family at a time to show our passports and present paperwork.  Once everyone in our appointment time group checked in, we were all asked to stand, place our right hands and take an oath.  In essence, the oath was on behalf of our newly adopted children that all of the information in the application documents is truthful.  After the oath, we were called up according to the number that we received.  At that point, we needed to present Lilija's medical and adoption documents.  While the girls and I played in the waiting area, Rob signed with a fingerprint on Lilija's behalf for her visa application.  The only thing we could bring in was a clear plastic bag with a diaper for Lili.  We should receive her visa tomorrow afternoon!  This was the last official step of the adoption process.  I will admit that I was emotional and had tears in my eyes.  It has been quite a journey to get to this point.  It feels so good knowing that our little girl is finally coming home and that our family is complete!  A very good and wise friend of mine recently told me that climbing the Great Wall must have been very significant for our family, given all of the walls that we had to go over to get to Lilija.  We are finally at the summit!  In a couple of days we will take a long flight home to start our lives as a family of four.  Unfortunately due to very tight security, we were unable to take pictures inside the Consulate.  No cameras, cell phones or backpacks were allowed.  Here are some pictures of the girls in their matching fancy dresses :-).

We went to an Irish pub called Paddy Field and the food was very good.  Rob has actually been there  several times when laying over here for work.  After eating, we could tell that Lili was doing some business :-).  Of course, we forgot to take the little diaper pouch.  We obviously are out of practice, as it's been a while since Nati was in diapers. It was an explosion!!  When Rob lifted her up he asked me if she had crumbs or something on her leg.  It was not crumbs...the poop was everywhere.  A very nice gentleman in the restaurant gave us one of his children's diapers.  We ended up taking her dress off and cleaning her up the best that we could.  Now keep in mind- bathrooms in China are not like at home.  Rob wrapped her dress up (yes the pretty one pictured above) in lots of toilet paper.  He carried her back to the hotel, thankfully it was a short walk of a few blocks, naked except for an ill-fitting diaper.  Boy did he get some strange looks from people!  So, lesson learned.....always remember the diaper bag!

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