Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nanchang Day 6


June 25th
Halleluiah!  Lili has finally started interacting with Nati little by little.  Nati was absolutely thrilled, as were we  J!!  This morning they played with markers for quite a while.  My eyes glistened to see them interacting as sisters should.  This evening was a big break through.  They were again playing with these building disks and Nati got Lili to say mama for the first time!!!  They were giggling and having a great time.  Lili has the cutest little voice J.  After dinner they took an oatmeal bath together and Nati blew bubbles for them that we had bought at the store today.  They were splashing, laughing and having a wonderful time.  Rob and I were as wet as the girls from all of their splashing!  I foresee them giving us lots of grey hair in the future. 

Lili cries loudly every time she doesn’t get what she wants.  She has also learned the art of manipulation.  When she is upset with me she screams her little butt off and as soon as Rob picks her up, she is completely happy.  This is something that we will definitely have to work on once we are home. Somehow we have ended up with another very strong willed and stubborn girl on her hands! 

Sightseeing-wise today was a mellow day.  We took a stroll through the People’s Park and went to a porcelain shop to buy a tea set to give Lilija for her weddingJ.  We thought it would be a fitting way to commemorate the province where she came from, since Nanchang is famous for its hand-painted porcelain and is considered the porcelain capital of China. 


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