Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nanchang Day 7

June 26th
Today we had a lazy day.  We found that Lili continues to be very grouchy when she first wakes up but once she is shakes off the sleepies her mood improves.  After a hearty breakfast the girls played in the room nicely.  Every day we feel more like a family! Lili has learned to say and use the sign for more.  We are teaching her done as well.  Despite the language differences, she seems to understand some of what we are saying.

Lili continues to show her strong will.  Our theory is that she screamed and cried to get her way.  She probably learned to go from one caregiver to another until she found someone who would give in to her demands.  For instance, she refused to take a nap despite being very tired and screamed her little head off until Rob picked her up. Once she was out of her crib, she was perfectly content.  She learn soon enough that mama and daddy are on the same page and that some things are not negotiable! We continue to walk that fine line between bonding and establishing some ground rules. 

Thankfully Lilija’s cold hasn’t gotten any worse and so far the rest of us are healthy.  Lili likes to eat any type of meat from chicken to beef to sausage.  She will eat some fruit but mostly refuses veggies.  She throws anything off her plate that she doesn’t want or like or she hands it to me.  She also hates having anything on her hands and often puts them out for me to wipe.  It totally reminds me of the stories that my parents would tell about Viki when she was a baby.  She too was intolerant of anything dirty on her tray or hands when she was a baby.  Maybe they are kindred spirits J!  We gave the girls a bubble bath and at first she was upset that the bubbles were on her.  She whined and tried to get them off at first.  She eventually settled down and now she enjoys bath time.

The only outing we had was to August the First park.  As is typical, it was extremely hot and humid.  As all of you know that is my very favorite weather- NOT!!!!!

After the park we walked through a very old, very ornate Buddhist temple.


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