Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nanchang/Guangzhou Day 8

June 27th
This morning after eating breakfast we learned that Lilija knows how to go up and down stairs with someone holding her hand.  We received Lilija’s Chinese passport today and all of our business in Nanchang will be done.  Today we arrived in Guangzhou, the last city that we will visit.  Natalija, our international traveler did a great job on the short flight.  Lili did amazingly well on her first airplane ride.  It has been a long day.  Lili was able to fall asleep OK, but Nati had some problems- she was just way over-tired!  We are staying at the Garden hotel.  It is very opulent and fancy.  We upgraded to a suite, so we have very comfortable accommodations while we are here.  Guangzhou is a much much more modern city, given its proximity to Hong Kong.  This city immediately had a different feel to it.  We made it from the airport all the way to our hotel without any cars honking!  Tomorrow we have our doctor visit, so off to bed J

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