Sunday, June 8, 2014

Guangzhou Day 10

June 29th
There are many adoptive families staying at the same hotel.  It has been really interesting to get to know families from all over the US and exchange stories.  This morning we went to Shamian Island to walk around for a couple of hours.  This island is just a few blocks long that has very French inspired architecture, shops, restaurants and hotels.  It was actually established by English and French colonists a couple hundred years ago.  It is another sweltering day, so it was quite uncomfortable outside.  We saw many young couples taking their wedding pictures near the ornate buildings.  I couldn’t imagine having to wear a wedding dress and pose for pictures in this heat.  There is a reason that Rob and I chose a November wedding date. After our stroll, we met Jack and the other family at a restaurant called Lucy’s for lunch.  The girls and I had very yummy and gooey grilled cheese sandwiches.  We all enjoyed our cold drinks! 

Then back to our cool and comfortable suite, so Lili could take a nap.  After enjoying pool, which is like an oasis amongst the high-rises, we ventured to an Italian restaurant tonight called Buongiorno!  The hotel had given each of the girls a backpack filled with a rain poncho, stuffed panda and candy.  Lilija loves her first little backpack!
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